julianne warren


she ࿓ unsettling
anglo settler ࿓
dr ecology ࿓ ma linguistics ࿓
learn first to listen,
care-take & kin-make is
is story telling

Earth StoryCraft 

  • scientific, ethical, historical research
  • integrative—‘undisciplined’—methodologies
  • deeps, spiraling encounters, pluralities
  • good human-more-than-human relations
  • ambiguity, multiple perspectives, co-imagining
  • intellect and emotion, healing
  • anti-white-supremacy, for-real decolonization
  • not speaking for others, first listening
  • un/learning for decolonization, abolition
  • worthy e.g., ‘radical’ hope, skillful love

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Many themes of this website with thanks to
Merwin, W. S., ‘Learning a Dead Language’
in Migration: New and Selected Poems
(Port Townsend, WA: Copper Canyon Press, 2005), p. 41.

Julianne Warren