learn first to listen_
to un/learn
for flourishing
from generations
to generations

flowing into a triptych
of unfinished storytelling

i. extinction & origins: birds & human beings
ii. ambiguity’s nature: for scrambling out of boxes
iii. desired futures: dys-u-topias

Anthropocene Incantation: Mingled Singing Bird-Man-Machine Echoes

Zoomorphic Magazine, Issue 8, April 10, 2017

Beach with Swimmers Beach with Swimmers Tiritiri Matangi Island  2/22/20

Beach with Swimmers Beach with Swimmers Tiritiri Matangi Island 2/22/20

The Raptor (Eye) Center

 in “Soundings” (Part of the Long Term Ecological Reflections Project, Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center of Penn State University),
April 21, 2016;
(Also in In Ian Marshall (ed.) The Ecological Reflections Project: Reading Shaver’s Creek: Ecological Reflections from an Appalachian Forest.” State College: Penn State University Press

Book Review Brian Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker: Journey of the Universe

New Haven: Yale University Press, 2011

in Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences 2:1 (2012): 106-109 

Wherefore Environmental Studies in a 21st Century City

in Resilient Future Questions, Center for Humans and Nature, 11 June 2013 

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Leading Questions

Pages 815-822 in D.R. Gallagher (ed.) Environmental Leadership: A Reference Handbook. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Reference, 2012.




Hopes Genius: Ten Mirrors of Ambiguity

The Land Institute: Ground Breaking: Agriculture in the Ecosphere
July 22-24, 2018
presented in Salina, Kansas.


Novel Cities: A Revolution of Generativity

Minding Nature 7.1: 27-35
January 2014


How is nature critical to a 21stcentury urban ethic?:
Becoming city, in five short acts

Center for Humans and Nature at the American Museum of Natural History
New York City
October 8, 2013

iii. desired futures: dys-u-topias